ShareFile Web App – How to check for your Web App version?

Citrix is continuously improving functionality and developing new functionality for the ShareFile Web App. In order to make these new functionalities available to its customers Citrix rolls out new versions of the Web App.

You can check for new Release Notes here.

In case you want to use newly released features of the Web App but you can’t find them within your subdomain, chances are that your subdomain hasn’t yet been updated to the newest version. You can check if your subdomain is on the release you expect, or still needs an update.

Ok, but how to check for the current Web App version? Depending on the location where your ShareFile domain resides enter https://<yoursubdomain> or https://<yoursubdomain> in a webbrowser and check for the release entry. This way you are able to see the version of the Web App within your subdomain.

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